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In FileMaker Pro, there are four different modes in which you can choose from when working with a database. They are Browse Mode, Find Mode, Layout Mode, and Preview Mode. Each of these modes will generate a different Menu bar with different options. This tutorial handout will mostly be focusing on the Browse and Find Modes, but with some emphasis on the Layout and Preview Modes.
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Workshop Agenda:

FileMaker Browse Mode
  • Command B
  • Rolodex
  • Record slider (Number of records)
  • Count
  • Find Button
  • Sort Button
  • Layout pull-down
  • View As buttons
  • Preview/Exit Preview
  • Window Zoom button
  • Mode Pull-down
  • Records Menu

Sorting Records
  • Command S

FileMaker Find Mode
  • Command F
  • Request Menu
  • this AND that (multiple find fields on the same find request)
  • this OR that (multiple find requests, same field)
  • Operators
  • Omit button
  • Sorting found set

Export from StudDir as tab-separated
Select fields to export
Make sure column headers are present, or add them
Drag/drop onto FMP

FileMaker Layout Mode
  • Command L
  • Layout Menu
  • Layout Types (table, list, blank layout, labels)
  • Merge << >>
  • Headers, Body, Footer
  • Preview/Exit Preview