Suggested Tutorials

For these tutorials, you need to have a account. There is a complete course on FileMaker Pro 11, but this section of the wiki will focus on the basics of navigating existing databases.

Go to and login using your school email address and your created password (likely your Dublin directory login password).

Find Mode
  1. Using the Basic Find Functions
  2. New Find Request
  3. Operators
  4. Constraining & Extending Found Set
  5. Tips for Finding Records with Date or Time
  6. Fast Match and Quick Find
  7. Saved Finds

Sort Records
  1. Sorting with One Criterion
  2. Sorting with Related Fields
  3. Sorting with Multiple Criterion
  4. Sorting Using Custom Values
  5. Sorting Using Buttons

Printing Records
  1. Previewing Pages and Print Options
  2. Printing in Different Views
  3. Sliding Objects
  4. Printing Merge Letters
  5. Saving as PDF or Excel

  1. Importing Data
  2. Importing Records to Refresh Data
  3. Exporting Data